I gave Time Warner the boot: Pt 2


On to the firing of Time Warner.

I was going to wait for a few other things to fall into place before I tried living cable-free. But then Time Warner pissed me off. My special pricing in exchange for a 15 month commitment had expired. They were going to automatically enroll me into another 12 month commitment. However, for various reasons, I could not make a 12 month commitment. I called Time Warner before my 15 month contract was up (like a good consumer) to see if I could get a price break without getting into another contract. The very nice lady I spoke with said that she could get me a deal where my cable/internet package would only increase by $15 instead of $35. Only thing is, she can't do that for me until my 15 month contract expired, and that I would have to call back in a week.


I KNEW that if I called back, only to get a different CS rep, that I would probably get the runaround. So this very nice CS rep gave me her name and direct extension.

A week passes.

I call back.

After speaking with about three different people (meaning I was transferred and placed on hold three different times), I reached someone who said that they are not able to connect me with a direct extension, but she would email my very nice CS rep and ask her to call me back. That was last weekend.

Still no call.

So, I decide, that's it. I make my preparations. I get my new router. I disconnect my DVR box and clean up my cable remote, prepped and ready for return. Over my lunch hour today, I called Time Warner to get price quotes for their very basic cable package (I do not have a digital television, and refused to buy 3 converter boxes for my 3 televisions when in all reality I will probably have a digital television within 6 months). I lost track of how many times I was transferred. Once, I got transferred right back to the beginning of the automated system. Another time I got stuck in a tech support loop where none of the three options applied to my situation. Tech support? How did I even get there?

I FINALLY get connected with the right department, and I downgrade my digital, DVR cable to plain ole' basic. The whole process took 45 minutes, 5 of which was spent talking to the real-live human who was finally able to help me.

This whole experience has made me feel rather good about giving up (sorta) cable.
Now--just keep your fingers crossed for me that my replacement router is still working. And pray for my easy adjustment to a world without live pause and rewind.


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