Google to the Rescue!


In case you don't already know...

You can send a text to Google containing a search term and they will respond back, almost instantly.

For example, on Sunday I had the good fortune to get a flat tire. Lucky for me, my car insurance includes roadside assistance--so instead of trying to change the tire myself (all covered in grime and road salt--the tire, not me), I wanted to call a tow truck to come out and change it for me.

Oh right. It was Sunday. I couldn't exactly call up my agent and ask him for a tow number. What was a girl to do?

Google to the rescue. I simply sent a text message--"tow truck [zip code]"--and got three responses back with addresses and phone numbers. I could even scroll down to the number within the text and dial it directly.

The number for texting Google is 466453 (Google, spelled out on your number keys).

Who needs AAA?

Cool Whip's got nothing on me


I tried my hand at making homemade whipped cream yesterday. You know, those folks at Food Network are always talking about how easy it is to make, and how superior it is to that store-bought stuff.

They were right! It WAS easy. And I don't think I can go back to ready-made whipped cream. I just don't. Okay, so here's how it's done:

Use a hand mixer or a stand mixer. I wouldn't recommend whipping by hand.

Whip on high one cup heavy whipping cream until it starts to get stiff (but not whip creamy yet).

Add 1/4 cup sugar and 1 teaspoon vanilla (I splurged on the real deal). Whip on high until it looks like whip cream.


Was Santa good to you?

A good friend of mine asked me yesterday if Santa was good to me this year. My first impulse was to respond immediately with a list of the cool presents I had received. But I paused, and thought about it for a minute.

It’s been a difficult year.

My weight has fluctuated, 15 pounds either way. Aside from feeling uncomfortable in my body, I know that it is incredibly bad for my health for my weight to yo-yo.

The recession has directly affected me in that the new year will bring a pay cut, and I am becoming ever slightly more fearful about the stability of my job and my bank accounts—oh—and my retirement.

The dry weather has been wreaking havoc with my sinuses. Seriously. In an almost-can’t-function sort of way.

We had two deaths to cap off the end of the year. One was somewhat expected, but still very sad. The other death came just three weeks later and was a complete shock.

I had all these things in mind as I was reflecting about whether or not Santa had been good to me this year.

But I realized…Santa HAS been good to me this year.

I still have a job. The pay cut is slight, and prevented the company from making any layoffs. I would gladly donate that small portion of my salary if it means that someone else can keep his or her job.

Santa brought me eyesight.

Santa brought me knowledge on eating whole foods.

Santa brought me a fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive car.

Santa renewed my childhood fondness for the Legend of Zelda.

Santa brought me a new nephew.

Santa brought me a mind open to new possibilities.

Oh—and Santa brought me fabulous presents on Christmas Eve!!

Was Santa good to you?

The Day the Music Died


Okay, so not quite that dramatic, but it was the catchiest title I could think of.

I heard an old-school Metallica song on the radio on my drive home from work today.

I remember back in the day, when I was a concert-tee-and-gobs-of-silver-jewelry-wearing pre-adolescent, I read in one of my heavy metal fan magazines that it was a GOOD thing Metallica was never played on the radio. Because, really, did you want to hear One or Whiplash played right after Only in My Dreams (that would be Debbie Gibson, thank you)? No, you really really did not want to hear Metallica on the radio. Metallica did not belong in a Top 40 playlist.

And as much fun as I had on my drive home today (cuz you know just one Metallica song lasted the entire commute), I still do not want to hear old-school Metallica on the radio. Call me a purist or an old-school snob. I don't care.

By the way, play all the new-school Metallica on the radio all you want. Because I don't really care about that, either.

*I know your dying to ask. The song was "Blackened" from . . .And Justice For All

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