Google to the Rescue!


In case you don't already know...

You can send a text to Google containing a search term and they will respond back, almost instantly.

For example, on Sunday I had the good fortune to get a flat tire. Lucky for me, my car insurance includes roadside assistance--so instead of trying to change the tire myself (all covered in grime and road salt--the tire, not me), I wanted to call a tow truck to come out and change it for me.

Oh right. It was Sunday. I couldn't exactly call up my agent and ask him for a tow number. What was a girl to do?

Google to the rescue. I simply sent a text message--"tow truck [zip code]"--and got three responses back with addresses and phone numbers. I could even scroll down to the number within the text and dial it directly.

The number for texting Google is 466453 (Google, spelled out on your number keys).

Who needs AAA?


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