Daisy Update


One of the challenges of bringing a rescue dog home is that it is hard to tell if his or her behaviors are quirks, or if they might be health-related.

Turns out, Daisy was so sensitive about her ears because she had an ear infection.  Well, at least the vet thought it was an ear infection.  Her ear hurt so bad that she wouldn’t let the vet take a good enough look.  The vet prescribed some ear drops that Daisy absolutely hated, but that seem to have helped.  And it turns out she is not sensitive about her ears at all!

She is rather jumpy when you reach down from above to pet her around the head and neck areas.  I don’t know if that is a trust issue or if it is a result of being hurt in some manner in the past.  She is the calmest, sweetest, most well-behaved dog I have ever met, and it makes me very sad to think that she may not have been treated very well in her previous life.

The vet also examined her mouth and the rod on her left lower jaw.  He wasn’t so happy to see that it was exposed, but said that everything looked very healthy.  He even chuckled a bit about her wonky teeth.  (They really do stick out everywhere.)  He recommended a referral to a specialist who might be able to reconstruct things in a way that the rod would no longer be exposed.  However, that would be very expensive, and cause quite a significant amount of stress for Daisy.  We decided that as long as there are no complications, there is no sense in fixing something that is not broken, so to speak.

Daisy got a new boo boo her first week home.  I felt like such a horrible mom.  She got in Guido’s way while he was playing guard dog to a dog across the street, and his toenail took a bit of skin off her hip.  However, I am happy to report that both this boo boo and the boo boo on her back have healed quite nicely.  I’ve also noted numerous other scars on her body, so I’d have to say that Daisy is quite the daredevil!


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