The New Bed


I recently upgraded my bed from a full to a queen.  It's a fabulous bed, but I think Guido may be liking it more than I do.

The very first night I had the new bed, Guido left his hiding spot under the bed and slept in the bed with Daisy and I.  He's slept in the bed with us ever since. (I realize I used the word "bed" a lot in that sentence, but I really couldn't think of another way to write it).

He is quite funny about it, though.  He refuses to sleep anywhere near Daisy.  Being the enthusiastic burrower that she is, she's always under the covers.  She's tiny enough that she sort of blends in; there is no tell-tale lump to see where she might be.  So Guido puts his nose to work.  He sniffs around in the air until he locates her scent, and promptly lays down on the other side of the bed!

Someday they'll be friends, Daisy and Guido.


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