Letter to my 7th grade self


In "blogspeak," there is something called a "meme" going around, asking you to write a letter to yourself in middle school. I fired this one off in 30 minutes to my 7th grade self:

You are about to like something classified as a "boy band." They will name themselves New Kids on the Block. You will like them a whole lot, but it will only be for a short time. Then you will be embarrassed that you ever owned their tape, or had their pictures taped to your walls. You will shun them. However, around your first or second year of college, you will unexpectedly hear one of their most popular songs. And it will make you happy. And you will appreciate their sound in a whole new way, and you won't be embarrassed to admit it. Because all of your friends will feel the exact same way.

In high school, everyone you know will start listening to country music. It's true.

You will experience a high degree of angst in high school and college, but eventually you will get over yourself.

Although you really really really want to get the heck out of Dodge, you will end up going to the last college you ever thought possible, just 30 minutes away from home. And you will meet some of the best people there, including professors. But don't worry. You do eventually get the heck out of Dodge.

Your female friends in 8th and 9th grades are going to be MEAN. Yes, meaner than they are now. When you grow up, they will make a movie about this phenomena called, appropriately enough, Mean Girls. Stick by your friends, remain loyal, and you will get through it. When things get to be their worst, and you feel like your life is over, get some perspective by the fact that most of them won't even be your friends by the time you are 20.

In a couple of years, your mother will buy you an album by a band called Pearl Jam. Pay attention to it, even though you will like this other band, Nirvana, better.

There are a lot of untrustworthy people in Pomona. But once you leave Pomona, open yourself up to trusting others.

Very important. During your freshman year of college--in that ongoing fight you are trying to stay out of: D. is the bad guy and L. is the good guy.

Oh, and your freshman year of college is going to be one amazing year.

In 2003, the Jayhawks will change forever. But there will be some really really good years before that happens.

Pants DO eventually come in a long length. I recommend you keep your eyes peeled.

You won't have cable your first year in college. And you won't really miss it.

You won't be in a ton of clubs in college, as you will be in high school. And you won't really miss it.

I suppose I can't ask you to change the past (your future), as that would create some sort of weird rift in the time-space continuum. However, credit cards are not your friends. Even though significant damage will be done, you will someday see the light and start being responsible with your money. Someday.

You are going to have some crazy ass roommates. Learn from them. Enjoy the ride, and know when to exit the ride.

Someday, gas is going to go up to $2.00 per gallon. You will be angry. It gets much worse.


Lori! said...

Thank you, there are parts that mean a GREAT deal to me. *wink*

Gina Marie Wake said...

I absolutely love this! I think mine would take me longer than 30 minutes. well done!!!!

amber belt said...

Great letter! Do you think you would miss having cable now? What happened to the Jayhawks in 2003? I don't get it. Did I miss something since I wasn't living here?

Veronica said...

In 2003, Roy Williams left to go coach North Carolina. I still haven't really forgiven him.

Thanks for all the great feedback! It was a fun letter to write.

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