PRK: 14 week follow up


I administered my very last [knock on wood] steroid eye drop Monday! Woohoo!

I also had a follow up appointment on Monday with my eye doctor. The vision in my right eye has worsened somewhat, from 20/20 last time to 20/25 this time. That is to be expected, and just means that my vision is fluctuating as my corneas heal. Somewhat disappointing, but not too concerning.

My left eye, however… The doc says the vision is improved over the previous appointment, although I could not really tell. I’m currently seeing at 20/30 out of that eye. He also shared my prescription strength in that eye. My vision is – 0.50, and my astigmatism is at –0.75. I asked him to just tell me what it all meant, in regards to my potential need for an enhancement.

He expects that the right eye will be fine. He said that he has seen prescriptions like the one I still have in my left eye completely clear up within 2 months of discontinuing the steroid drops. As in—it’s possible the vision will clear up, but not definite. I told him I was preparing for the worst (needing the enhancement), but would gladly accept being pleasantly surprised. He seemed to agree with my assessment.

So—no more steroid drops. My eyes finally get a chance to “settle down” and time will tell where my vision is going to end up. I go back to the eye doc in 3 weeks, but may not know for another 2 months if I will need the enhancement.


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