Election Day


I voted! Did you?

I was prepared for a line at the polls, but I also had a stinking suspicion that the only poll lines being shown on the local news were the isolated long lines, and that there may be reasonable lines across the rest of the city.

I arrived around 8:00, and there was no line. Not really. The booths were taken, so I opted to fill out my ballot in the open on the table. And there were no chairs, so I was literally on my knees while filling out my ballot.

However, several coworkers told me they went to vote at 6:00 when the polls opened, and waited over an hour. I guess many other people had the same idea, and all those early bird voters were gone by the time I got to the poll.

I almost feel a sense of relief that it is over; two years is WAAAAYYYY too long for a campaign to run. However, the nervous apprehension is starting to set in. All I can do now is wait and see. And pray that it doesn't take two months to determine who won.


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