Determining the Alpha


I think Daisy and Guido are still negotiating who will be the alpha dog.  Guido is the more obnoxious one, but Daisy has a way of quietly worming her way in until she gets what she wants.

When it comes to toys, Guido rules the roost.  The bed, however, belongs completely to Daisy.

Guido continues to spend the night underneath my bed, and Daisy continues to spend the night in the bed, burrowed under the covers.

*She gets SO EXCITED when she has an opportunity to burrow under any sort of cover.  It’s quite comical.*

Last night, I discovered Guido curled up in Daisy’s doggie bed, looking quite cozy.  He also loves to burrow under covers (although not with the exuberance that Daisy does), and I’ve felt quite guilty that he has given up his cozy human bed to sleep on the floor.  So I thought it was nice that he was using Daisy’s bed.  I laid a throw over him so he could burrow.

Well, apparently Daisy’s exuberance for burrowing extends to any blanket object anywhere in the room.  She immediately jumped down from the human bed and kicked Guido out of the doggie bed, and took his place under the throw!  Guido didn’t even take the opportunity to claim the human bed while Daisy was out of it.  He went right back underneath the bed.

Poor Guido.


Vito and Gina said...

Yay, glad to see you posting! We definitely need pics of Daisy burrowing! ;) Vito is so funny when he tries to get under the sheet. He pushes with his nose for awhile and if he just can't get it he stares at me or paws at my arm until I lift it up for him. He's quite bossy.

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