NOLA: A note


Since I was traveling alone in NOLA, I knew that experiencing any nightlife was out of the question. My plan, therefore, was to experience as much of the city as possible during daylight hours. I even planned ahead for all the walking I would be doing in the humid humid NOLA air. A few weeks prior to the trip, I bought a pair of Born flip flops. The most comfortable shoes on the planet, right? Naturally, this was my fourth pair of Borns, and the first pair that required breaking in. Can you see where this is going?

As I didn't think these shoes would need to be broken in, the very first time I wore them was my first full day in NOLA, during my walking tour of the Garden District, followed by a short hike and stroll down Magazine Street. By the time I got to Magazine Street, I was in agony. But I was a trooper, and pushed forward, because I had limited time and I was determined to seek out the NOLA that existed beyond Bourbon Street. Unfortunately, the public transportation back to my home part of town stopped at the opposite end of the French Quarter from the location of my hotel.

Let's review:
New shoes.
Three hour walking tour of the Garden District.
One mile walk to Magazine Street.
One mile stroll down Magazine Street.
Two mile walk back to public transportation.
Two mile walk after public transportation to my hotel.

I won't go into the gory details, but my feet were an absolute wreck. I could barely walk, but this happened on my first day and I refused to let it ruin my trip. I am a trooper. As a result, I had the largest, deepest blisters ever, on the BOTTOM of my heels. And my feet swelled to an unrecognizable shape, which didn't go away until my third day home.

I learned a very important lesson. Even if my most comfortable, most broken in shoes are my Adidas cross trainers, I will risk looking like a tourist (tennis shoes and khaki's, anyone?) in order to BE a tourist.


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