Statement of Purpose



You know when you have some exciting, or at least exciting-to-you news, and you're thinking of sharing it with Person A--and you know that you've shared the news with someone, but can't remember if it was with Person A or Person B? And at the risk of repeating yourself, you decide not to share the information at all?

Okay, I don't know if this is a universal phenomenon, or just unique to my less than organized way of thinking. At any rate, I've realized that I am so overcautious about repeating myself, that I generally end up not sharing exciting-to-me news with anyone!!

And we come to my idea to start a blog. I've decided on a home where I can share exciting-to-me news with my friends and family, as well as share other goings-on in my life. For example, I think my first series of posts will be about my recent trip to New Orleans. Because, apparently, I've shared very little of that trip with anyone. I put my insomnia to good use last night and wrote the first part of the series, and will enter it later. So stay tuned!!


Gina Marie Wake said...

Well it is about time that we get to hear about New Orleans!!

Lori! said...

I agree! And I've heard about some of it!

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